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        1.   Products

              Testers for measuring the fiber

             XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester  

             XD-1 Vibration Fiber Fineness Tester (Single fiber linear density)    

             XQ-1C High-tenacity High-modulus Fiber Tensile Tester

             XQ-2 Fiber Tensile Tester

             XQ-1B Pre-oriented Filament Tensile Tester

             XG-1A Engineering Fiber Tensile Tester

             XGD-1 Fiber Diameter Tester

             XCP-1A Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

             XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester  


             Testers for measuring the yarn

             XL-1A Yarn Tensile Tester  

             XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester  

             XN-1A Spandex Filament Elasticity Tester

             Testers for measuring the fabric

             XDP-1 Fabric Drape Tester

          Contact | About us

              Maker of textile testing equipment for 20 years, Automatic linear density, crimp and tensile tester for single fiber,

              Single fiber linear density- (fineness) and tensile tester, Automatic single fiber shrinkage tester.

              Shanghai New Fiber Instrument Co., Ltd.   . Tel: 86-13916600393 (Peace Tao)    

               Email:  Copyright(C)2005-2019,All Rights Reserved
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