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          XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester



                The XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester is a function-extended type of the XL-1A apparatus. Besides the normal tensile test, it can implement a series of yarn tensile tests, such as the elasticity at specified elongation, circulating elasticity at specified elongation, elasticity at specified load, circulating elasticity at specified load, relaxation, and creep tests etc., It can be applied to the tensile test of elastic yarns.

             Technical Data

          (a) Force measurement range:  03000 cN;

          (b) Force precision:    1 cN;

          (c) Force error:     ≤±1%;

          (d) Extension measurement range:      0300mm (with the clamp distance 500mm);

          (e) Extension error:    ≤±1 mm;

          (f) Test speed:   1001000 mm/min;

          (g) Clamp distance:   250, 500mm, and 200, 500mm;

          (h) Method of clamping the yarn:  pneumatic clamp, the clamping force can be adjusted within the range of 0.2~0.7 MPa;

          (i) Pretension:

                Gravitational mode:  0.515 cN;

                Automatic mode:     199 cN;

          (j) Data output:

             Display: load, yarn elongation percentage, and number of tests; dividual value of breaking force and breaking elongation, mean value, variation coefficient, mean breaking time, the maximum and minimum values, and the breaking tenacity;
                      Plot: tensile curve;

          (k) Power:   220V±10%, 50±1Hz, 100W;

          (l) Size:   Operating machine (L×W×H) mm:  300×450×1170 ;

                             Controlling box   (L×W×H) mm:  430×275×420 。



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              Maker of textile testing equipment for 20 years, Automatic linear density, crimp and tensile tester for single fiber,

              Single fiber linear density- (fineness) and tensile tester, Automatic single fiber shrinkage tester.

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